Saturday, 15 October 2011

Ther she blows!!!

This is a sketch of my girlfriends i took into illustrator as practice- a nice change of style. hope you like it.

Kaylie's Blog: check it out :)

Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Up to Date

aaand up to my most recent piece, influenced by the last image...a barbarian :)built up in illustrator then further detail added in flash.

From here I feel its more learning quicker shortcuts and just getting in the practice.

The rough sketch was done in preffered medium hehe

sir knight

Heres another micro project, a knight. Because i'm oh so nooby at flash/illustrator still. I imoprted a jpeg from flash and drew over the lines in illustrator -_- I wasnt aware I had to select the actual lines in flash- and then export it.

What a fool...ah well, you live and you learn.

Adam goes forth!


Here are the next few pieces that helped me develo an understanding of how the different components of an image related and overall organisation-something thats hardly needed in Photoshop.

the first animals that popped into my head i drew in my sketch book-then droped into illustrator.

A more educated attempt

I think this is the third design sheet i attempted, my good friend gave me a few pointers on illustrator and also introdouced me to diametrics, so i then felt i had a fightin chance. I did really enjoy making these potion bottles- i also attempted in game floor tiling. it was a steep learning curve at this point.

First Attempt

ok so this was done a few months back, literally the first time id tried using the pen tool to effect- it just used to scare me. A picture of Ed from 'Ed,Edd n' Eddy' one of my favourite cartoon series as a kid. It was just an excercise to get to grips with the satanic pen tool.


Hello all, welcome to my blog Digital Ink.

I created this blog to act as a creative diary and to show my progression with Adobe Illustrator. There may be other things I throw in here like scanned images or pieces done on Photoshop, but thats all good, im looking at my overall progression.

Feel free to let me know what you think about my work. All crits are welcome.