Sunday, 11 November 2012

Continuing 3D

I have decided to revisit a character from a project I worked on in second year of university called 'Materno'. Its a robot, that has a maternal sense of care for the child that featured as the main role and its because of these characteristics I chose to add a gorillas proportions/posture to the machine. I am going to remodel it in Maya and maybe drop it into Zbrush so I can add a bit of texture. lets see how it goes. Here are my original design sheets.

Thursday, 25 October 2012

Guns Ho!

Here is a piece that I just finished tonight, really enjoyed this. mainly gradients in Photoshop. which is unusual fir me, would usually use illustrator instead. done from a little sketch. I think that's why I mainly had fun because I wasn't expecting anything. hope you like :)oh happy Halloween! where was I?

Waw, over a year since my last post...long story, won't even bother- but more importantly....drawings!!!! yay. because that what its all about kids! so this will become more of a regular occurrence for me again as of now so please keep an eye out :)